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If your business is being crushed, do you know why? Is it a lack of revenue? Are your costs too high for the amount of revenue? If you aren’t certain, we can help you get the answer to these questions. The fact is that many small business owners/managers do not know the answer to these questions. Can you relate to your fellow business owners?

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Customer Service

One of the biggest areas of improvement needed at a business is customer service improvement.   Actually in some business establishments customer service doesn't actually exist. This issue is usually a 'Top-Down" issue meaning that the people at the top don't have it and therefore the people that work for them don't see it as a priority and therefore do not provide it either.   Many businesses forget that the revenue derived from their customers is what pays the bills.  How do you find out if the customer service in your business is where you need it to be or is it costing you revenue?

Common Business Challenge 2


The next biggest issue of concern for many small businesses is usually the inability or knowledge to keep track of tax, accounting, payroll, inventory and a myriad of other items...in other words...keep track of "business".   I would say that it is a safe bet that at least 40% of small "business" owners do not know what the "business" portion is to their business.  Many small businesses owners know their specific specialty.   For example, a chef may know how to cook but does she/he know how to assign a price to a specific menu item? Does a general contractor know how to price out a home renovation so that they do not run out of money before the job is complete?   Do you have an organized way of keeping track of payroll?  Payroll taxes?  Inventory purchasing?   All of these questions need to be answered...preferably before it is too late.

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The next issue is usually not having enough business.   I typically find that when I ask business owners what they do to market their businesses, they usually say that every now and then, they put an add in the newspaper or they can't really afford to market their business.   The truth is that they can't afford NOT to market their business. Every business owners number one priority should be customer acquisition. Without customers, you have no business.

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Our small business coaching program is designed to assist small businesses generally owned and operated by entrepreneurs.


These lessons will provide you with real life experiences ranging from Operations to Marketing and Financial Services to Leadership. These real-life lessons are generally based in commonly practiced concepts but are reduced into two minutes of digestible, practical and usable bite size morsels of knowledge. There also may be a few nuggets of contrarian practices that go against general ideas but work.


Gain insights from towards effective leadership through classes such as: List check or list maker, Consistent leadership, Results or perish, Inspect what you expect, Talk is cheap and more….


Learn how to compete on the marketing battleground with classes such as: Be seen or be lost, Marketing vs. advertising. Fresh content is key and more….


Fine tune your business’s performance with classes such as: The art of feeling special, What you don’t see is what they get, The cost of a smile and more….


Keep your finances in order with easy to digest classes such as: Record keeping = Knowledge, P&L creation, Financial intellectual curiosity and more….

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